Dorit Aviv

Parallel Cities, the Visible and the Invisible 

Sites of research: New York, Mexico City, and Tel Aviv

2010, with Dionisio Cortes

This installation featured in Rites of Passage, an exhibition that called for exploration of critical issues faced by our generation at the turn of the 21st century. This project investigates relationships between visible and invisible urban spaces of three cities: Mexico City and Tel Aviv, the places of our origins, and New York, the city that forms our current local community.

The world’s urban population now exceeds its rural population. Metropolises evolve like organisms and sometimes in hidden ways: beneath a planner’s busy street and beyond an architect’s skyline a parallel city is also growing. As architects we assert a generational mandate of engagement with these parallel spaces, the places of urban nourishment and refuse extending from the body of a metropolis. These are infrastructural spaces, where a city’s asphalt fingers stretch out to landfills and massive veins take in water for thirst and excrete it again as refuse.

This installation presents a triptych of scaled street sections, one for each city, highlighting the parallel hidden infrastructures layered in underground tunnels and waste landfills. A film projection showing footage of these infrastructural spaces underlaying the cities they support explores the interstice between the seen and unseen city.

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